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From Harley Davidson’s to Scooters, our Motorcycle Rentals and Tours has it all and more!

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Cape Corporate Tours Has an Amazing Selection of Motorcycle Rentals and Tours To Match Any Budget.

We can accommodate large groups of up to 80 on our Harley’s – for chauffeur/ pillion transfers or day tours.

Harley Davidson Chauffeur Rides

Harley Davidson Chauffeur Rides

Have you always wanted to feel the power of a Harley? Experience the thrill of the ride, the freedom and rebellion that comes with the roar of its engine? Never had the licence to ride? We have the perfect solution!

Harley Davidson Rentals

Harley Davidson Rentals

Harley riders around the world are bound by a passion to ride. Whether you drive yourself or ride shotgun on the pillion, our Harley Davidson Rentals package brings the experience to you.

BMW Adventure Rentals

BMW Motorcycle Rentals

Our BMW Rentals and Tours package offers you a range of BMW bikes for open road or off-road adventures. In our self-ride option, you can travel in groups or your own.

Royal Enfield Motorcycle Rentals

Royal Enfield Rentals

There is nothing quite like riding these classics on the highways or off-road to capture the full experience. Pick your favourite Classic 500 cc Royal Enfield motorcycle and contact us for a booking!

KTM Adventure Motorcycles

KTM Motorcycle Rentals

Pick your dirt road or take on a mountain peak. Tour the beautiful coastal roads and mountain passes, or take a longer road trip. We can even arrange a bespoke guided tour for you.

Scooter Rentals

Scooter Rentals

Breathe in the sea air and park where you want to. Whether it’s at the beach, driving with freedom through nature or exploring the inner city, a scooter is economical, lightweight and offers ample storage.

Motorcycle Sidecar Tours

Motorcycle Sidecar Tours

Enjoy one of these amazing motorcycle sidecar tours, chauffeur-ridden by professional riders to take you on a unique journey to be enjoyed on your own or with the family.

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