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Our Classic Car Chauffeur Drives Offer a Choice of Muscle Cars and Vintage Cars To Suit Every Taste.

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Classic Car Chauffeur Drives

Do you sometimes crave the more antiquated driving experience of an old car? The long leather seats, the leather steering wheel with shining chrome.

The sheer power every time you accelerate or brake. Those forces that balance every curve you take and every bump you cover.

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Let’s face it, a classic car is a looker. It has the power to stop you in your tracks and just stare at it. It makes you feel good just to look inside it. So imagine driving it! What could be better?

Our Classic Car Chauffeur Drives bring the nostalgia of the classic car era back to the future.

We offer two fantastic choices.

Our chauffeur drives offer a wide variety of vintage and muscle cars. And since they are rentals, we will have an option that matches your budget!

But what about a muscle car, you ask?

Are you looking for that V8 sensation resonating deep in your chest? That extra muscle that focuses on the power of the engine? Imagine a high performance car that turns heads as the vibration moves through the air.

Perhaps this is what you’ve always wanted but have never been able to afford.

Vintage Cars Of Yesteryear.

Ask to look at our range of beautifully restored Vintage vehicles, which we can proudly say are the best vehicles available.

Each of our vehicles is meticulously maintained, and will make any classic, antique or vintage enthusiast happy as a clam.

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Our Classic Car Chauffeur Drives have a selection that goes way beyond what you see on our website. So why wait? Make a booking enquiry, and let us find that special car to suit your driving pleasure.

Our classic car fleet is constantly changing, so please feel free to contact us for the latest, updated vehicle list.

If you need any help with a booking, or more information quickly,
please use our WhatsApp chat button whatsapp chat button icon (bottom left of screen).

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Muscle Cars

Vintage 1934 Chev Standard Christiaan

Vintage Cars