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Our BMW Motorcycle Rentals Offer A Variety Of Adventure & Duel Purpose Models.

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BMW Motorcycle Rentals

Always wanted to feel the power of the BMW motorbike as you open the throttle and move as one, shifting your body with the bike as you take the turns? Or hunching down into full throttle as you see the road open up in front of you?

Have you wanted to leave the timid sedan family vehicle, pull down your visor and go on that adventure on the Beemer of your dreams?

Self-ride Or Guided Tours

Our BMW Motorcycle Rentals and Tours package offers you a range of BMW bikes for open road or off-road adventures. In our self-ride option, you can travel in groups or your own. Stop for an early morning coffee that you sip as you lean against the warmth of your bike. Chat to locals and discover hidden gems that are lost to those hurrying by.

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Or sign up for one of our guided tours, where experienced bikers take you on a mind-blowing journey around the countryside. Get down and dirty on an off-road track, or follow your guide through bucolic scenes that only the fair Cape can offer.

Our BMW bikes are renowned for their safety, reliability and comfort.

BMW Motorcycle Rentals – Extensive Beemer Range

Our BMW Rentals present a range of bikes to choose from, including our latest range:

  • G 310 GS
  • F 750 GS
  • F 850 GS
  • F 850 Adventure
  • R 1250 GS Liquid cool
  • R 1200 GS Adventure
  • R 1250 GS Adventure

Bespoke Biking Tours

Pick the machine that will resonate with your inner biker soul. Then ask our experienced BMW Motorcycle Rentals team to arrange an adventure that ticks every box, from tour guides and backup vehicles to additional bikes and accommodation. And then that satisfying end to your day – anything from a social braai sharing your day’s adventures to deep-comfort chairs, feet up, eyes closed, reliving the experience.

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We have a range of BMW Adventure motorcycles for rental,
and our awesome tours can be organised to meet your every need.

This is your life, your adventure.

If you need any help with a booking, or more information quickly,
please use our WhatsApp chat button whatsapp chat button icon (bottom left of screen).

2018 BMW G 310 GS

G 310 GS

BMW F 850 GS

F 850 GS

Cape Corporate Tours BMW Motorcycle Rentals BMW R1200 GS Adventure

R 1200 GS Adventure

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